Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

Located 60 kilometers south of Salvador, Morro de São Paulo is today one of the most coveted (or popular) destinations on the Dendê Coast. It is one of the oldest colonization areas in Brazil. Along with the neighboring island, Boipeba, form a naturally preservation area, with clean sand, warm water, Atlantic Vegetation and innumerable beaches virtually deserted. It is a heavenly place to hide away from everyone and everything, to maximize your needed vacation away from the stress of big cities.

Since the long and deserted beaches, mangroves, natural pools, coral reefs...

Even the picturesque style of the village, described for many as the Brazilian Ibiza, where you will found stores, handicrafts, restaurants, parties...

Located from 6 km, Morro de São Paulo keep alive your yesteryear tradition with your nice streets, where is prohibit any motor vehicle traffic. The perfect place to learn more about the bahian culture.

The hotel offers to the guests an unique transportation service to the village of Morro de São Paulo.

  Morro São Pauloa